What is the Surfers Rescue 365 course?

The Surfers Rescue 365 program will aim to provide recreational surfers with life saving skills sets via the provision of free training courses.

Who is it for?

Any competent surfer from recreational grass roots surf rider to professional surfers of every discipline.

Beach usage, whether for sport, recreation or competition, comes with inherent risk – the Surfers Rescue 365 program will aim to minimize this risk through the provision of free training to the large community of recreational surf riders in WA.

Why do it?

Over 99% of WA’s vast coastline is unpatrolled, with many of the state’s most spectacular, remote beaches providing idyllic swimming and surfing conditions. Often these locations become scenes that require those with crucial training to assist in an emergency situation, often saving a life.

What’s involved?

2.5 – 3 hours maximum total duration broken down to:

  • 1.5 hours – Surfers Rescue 365 first aid component
  • 1 hour – Surfers Rescue 365 board rescue techniques component

How can I register?

  1. Contact Surfing WA and register online below.
  2. Contact your local boardrider club here.

Please note, if you have more than 20 participants please contact Surfing WA to arrange your course.

What do I need to bring?

Wetsuit – participants will be asked to participate in mock-up rescues in the surf
Surfboard – using your own board is beneficial
Pen – accreditation CPR process
Identification – e.g. drivers license

Certification Process and Outcome:

  1. Complete course and onsite registration form
  2. Surfing WA awards both individual participation certificates and boardrider club participation certificates:

– Surfers Rescue 365 Surfing WA Certificate

Reporting your rescues:

Remember to report your rescues to Surfing WA here.